55-Feet-Longline Fishing-Trawler

Fishing Boat

The main focus of 55' multi-day boat design is to reduce the post harvest lost. The vessel is capable of fishing continuely for 2 to 3 weeks in deep sea and hold capacity to store 3500kg of fish harvest in it. Futher it has rapid chilling facilities to minimize the post harvest lost. Click here to download a Product Catalog


Fishing/ Leisure Boat

One of Cey-Nor's most versatiles crafts, the Sashimi is a trimaran that can be used for leisure and fishing purposes. This dual powered vessel can run on wind or engine, and it's triple hull provides stability even on the choppiest of seas.

Cey-Nor "RALLA"

Leisure Boat

Takes to brackish and inland water in style. The Boston Whale provides stability due to its double hull, flat bottom with a 25HP power handling capacity it also provides easy navigation and can be customised with a number of addons.

Floating Restaurant

Leisure Boat

Cey-nor floating restaurant and house boat deliver a novel outdoor leisure experience to clients allowing them to experience their favourite entertainment onboard the water

Cey-Nor "KIO"

Fishing Boat

This longliner is an ideal craft for long line fishing. With a deep "V" shaped hull and power hadling capacity of 350 HP, the KIO provides speed and power required for open seas and heavy loads.

Fiberglass Boats

Construction of Boats

Leading manufacturer for fishing, passenger, leisure boats and traditional crafts for inland water.


Fishing Nets

Retail of Fishing Nets

Quality nets from local and international manifacturers.



Boat Accessories

Vast range of fishing gears and accesories


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Another 59-Foot Fishing Boat Begins Production

Another 59-Foot Fishing Boat Begins Production

Our second 59-foot long multi-day fishing trawler construction has started by the owner of the boat and Mr. B.K. Jagath Perera Chairman of Cey-Nor Foundation Ltd.

The 59-Foot Multi-Day Fishing Trawler is Launched

The 59-Foot Multi-Day Fishing Trawler is Launched

The 59-foot multi-day fishing trawler was completed by the Ranil Marine under the supervision of Cey-Nor Foundation Ltd. The newly completed vessel was handed over to the owner by Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development.
Hon. (Dr.) (Mrs.) Sudarshini Fernandopulle State Minister of City Planning and Water Supply and Mrs.W.M.M.R. Adikari, Secretary Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Development were among the dignitaries present at the ceremony

Cey-Nor to introduce a new 55' Fisheries Boat

Cey-Nor to manufacture a new 55' Multi-day Fishing Boat

Cey-Nor Foundation ceremonially began building the first boat of their newest design . The main focus of this 55' multi-day boat design is to reduce the post harvest lost.

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